February 7 tamil new year horoscope

Tuesday, November 12, 12222
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You will ask yourself whether you can really afford to take a trip at this time.

It may interest you

The other, easier option is that you stay put and the world comes to you. Even after then, relations and other people you live with, will seem curiously determined to misinterpret the most simple requests and proposals. Well, by April you should be ready to rouse yourself, seize control of the situation and impose your will in your gentle but uncompromising manner.

In the meantime, please tackle practical issues and leave emotional complications to look after themselves. By September, even those of you in settled relationships will be having decidedly pleasant and refreshing encounters. Venus will bring brighter romantic prospects with a chance of dramatic change.

You may live more than you have lived for twelve years! Macho Mars challenges you to stand up for yourself and make sure that from now on partners know that you mean business. October could bring unexpected storms. During December you will be looking for emotional support, although you might have to put your interests second, allowing partners to take the lead.

It is an excellent business year, even though you may not be aware of the full implications of what is happening and it is still possible that you might miss the boat. After all, if you do not maximise your earnings and spot the right ways to save and spend, you cannot expect circumstances to do all the hard work for you. What you need to do is translate your hopes and desires into hard cash.

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At work, you will become all too aware that it is not a good idea to have all your eggs in one basket. You are simply going to have to change the nature of your ambitions and be more versatile. The broader your skills the more you will be in control of your own destiny. You will take life one day at a time, slowly in February, faster in March and positively in April. Questions which you thought would never be answered may finally be settled and people who seemed impossibly weird may turn out to be quite normal! The most positive way to deal with family affairs after September is to follow your hunches, act on the basis of intuition, allow free rein to your imagination and indulge your dreams.

And give far more prominence to pure romance than has often been the case. Emotional planets will be sending other people to challenge you on all fronts, but do not fight back blindly; listen to what they have to say about you and try to remedy any shortcomings which you think might be true.

Horoscope Predictions – Horoscopes – Astrology

Magnetic Mars puts you in top gear for joint business projects and you and a lover could be heading for a healthy profit. Developments will be especially lively after October. Your professional stars are well aspected early in the year. This is good news, but more important is the fact that it is a fine moment to discover your spiritual values and bring out your philanthropic side.

It would not be surprising if you contemplated a complete change of professional direction around the middle of the year, perhaps as a result of a domestic shift. More significantly though, it is a time when your creative imagination is set to bloom so, even if you are staying put, do everything you can to make your work more colourful and, most importantly, personally fulfilling.

The time for action is now but the best approach one day may not be the same as on the next. By June and July it will be clear that without extra funds there is no way that you can live the adventurous social life that is really so necessary. A younger relation could increasingly be a potent influence in your life, but one which needs to be watched with caution.

Tamil Calendar February 12222

You will be sorting out the fine details of your relationships, weighing up your work and finances, domestic desires, romantic dreams and physical passions and working out a reasonable balance. Even when your plans do not work out early in the year, you can look forward to a period, in the middle of the year, when all your prayers will be answered. From then, until the end of the year, friendly opportunities are going to be coming your way, and all that is required is that you handle them in such a way as to make them permanent, rather than simply passing strokes of pleasure and luck.

March and June are the most hopeful months for financial improvements, while February and July favour advances in your career. Even though your interests will not be directly affected by these alignments, your general environment will be. During the latter part of September and the whole of October you will be coming to the aid of colleagues whose careers are in a mess. You should become more aware of this strain, especially as far as your domestic duties are concerned.

Your family situation shows every indication of becoming more complex, while you may be growing more indecisive in the face of competing demands. Therefore, take a cautious line and put off important plans until preparations are complete, perhaps after April. And, by Autumn you will long for greater passion and deeper commitment from the people you live with. The more confident you are, the more romantic opportunities you will attract. There is no doubt that optimism breeds success which, in turn, boosts your confidence.

Every area of your life looks set to benefit from social invitations, including your relationships, business concerns and career. The new moon in May initiates a phase in which there will be an emphasis on your family relationships rather than romantic affairs.

Tamil Daily Calendar 12222, Tamil Calendar 12222, Nalla Neram, தமிழ் தினசரி காலண்டர்

There will be few feelings you will not be able to deal with and, if you do face opposition to your plans, the cause could be emotional rivalry or jealousy. August-September and November-December will restore your emotional confidence and goodwill. Mars will spur you on to new heights of effort and achievement during its long and erratic passage through your chart. You can look forward to a period of unparalleled success when Mars links up with Jupiter in August.

Yet it is absolutely essential that you consciously take care of all practical details. Not that you need any new ideas! The first few days of March are just a continuation from February. That should suit you just fine, I know most of you are into slumming. You may get the urge to re-invent yourself. Hey, that could be dangerous for somebody like you for whom the new and different is a way of life.

Good things are coming your way, and you could run into an older person, someone in authority, who will guide you in your quest. Somebody who will help you see your vision for the future. So, strap on that light saber and get ready to conquer the universe. Happy Easter! Your job is putting pressure on you and your personal relationships may have turned into a real drag.

Nobody likes to have a crappy day at work only to go home to a place that feels like a prison. Some of you may feel like running away to a cheap motel for a few days.

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But before you buy that bottle of hooch and pick up a prostitute, try to get a grip. Everything should start to get better by Memorial Day. All you can do is take the bull by the horns and tough it out until things start to work out in your favor. Until then, your job will probably put a strain on your personal life and everything you do will require great effort. You could say something that pisses off an authority figure like a cop, your boss, or your wife at the start of this month. There are many different things happening at once. The only way to ease the tension will be with negotiation and compromise, otherwise things could get real ugly.

Make love, not war! Most of you can probably look forward to an ugly scene with an important person in your life. Try not to piss off your boss, everybody else is fair game! You start out being mentally sharp, working well with others and you might also enjoy visiting with older people. Because of this, you might truly feel inspired by love in If you're in a relationship, your partner can help you reach new heights in some way. This can be anything from an adventurous life experience that involves travel or education to something that takes a more concrete form, such as building a foundation and a family together.

Indeed, this will be a year when matters of home and hearth reign supreme. That's due to the series of eclipses we can anticipate in Cancer and Capricorn. They'll challenge you to build up yourself professionally on January 5, July 16, and December 26 especially , but will also call your attention to the responsibility of family ties with your mate. Is the foundation you and your sweetheart built on solid ground or quicksand?