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For VRY to fructify, you do not need to strengthen functional malefics. So no gemstone for Guru is advised. If you are attracted to Vishnu rupas, you can worship Sri Raama. Surya is in vargottamaamsa and also in very high vaisesikaamsa.


But Surya owns 5th house and can cause major changes in life. I missed sending specific career events in my previous email. In - Got a big promotion afer being frustated about being stagnant. This position was not expected, came out of the blue. In company was bought over and I had to settle for a job one level lower than my last position in the old company. I was unhappy. By May - I got an offer to move higher in the current company and a sudden offer from a competitor bank with much higher pay.

I moved to the new bank. Although, i thought my Venus Mahadasha had started and it will be good. Although a year of lot of hard work and struggles. In , when I had held many senior roles, I went to do a Branch mgr role, not because I wanted to, but that was my only option. For me, sometimes, even though I have my hopes pinned on a certain job and am getting frustated, A completely different opportunity arises from nowhere.

Pitambari Neelam

In - April. I was going to start in my senior mgr role in credit and suddenly I was told that that role is being given to someone else and I am being offered an alternative Sr. Sorry for the long list, but please clear my confusion. As I am too confused if my tob is 1. I have been doing some research on marriage timing and foreign travel.

If you can provide exact date and time of your marriage and the date and time you left India to come to Canada, I would appreciate it. Based on the info you gave me, I think your TOB should be If you provide, time of marriage I could slightly fine tune more. I also need the date and time you left India and not date of arrival. It was long time ago but may be you can look in your Indian passport and there may be a stamp there.

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Posting same question in too many threads only causes clutter to gather around. I think it is not a Good way to get attention. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Vedic Astrology Jyotisha Search In. All Activity Home IndiaDivine. Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. Recommended Posts. Guest guest. Report post. Posted September 8, Respected Vistiji, I am curious to know more about pitambari neelam. Recently I was told by someone, that it will be beneficial for me.

While wearing a neelam for me makes sense as Saturn is my lagnapati capricorn ascendant and nakshatrapati anuradha. I was not sure why a recommendation for Pitambari neelam was made. I do not believe my Jup is afflicted. I was also told that i have all indications of moving into my own business. While i am always looking for a side business opportunity I have a good career and am highly ambitious when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. The fact that I was told that circumstances will lead me to a business opportunity eventually has perked my curiousity. I value your advise and guidance, please help me understand and put my curiousity to rest.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted September 9, Souravji, Namaste and dhanyavad.

Pitambari Neelam Benefits | Pitambari Neelam Stone

DOB: Delhi, India 1. Moved to Canada from India and got married in the year 2. Have two sons - born 93 and Husband moved from job to business in Has had many ups and downs. Since carat is a bigger unit, Pitambari Neelam price per carat appears slightly higher than Pitambari Neelam price per ratti. Select a beautiful piece from our wide online selection, or chat with our experts for more options! Please wait Which is the most preferred blue and yellow ratio in Pitambari Neelam stone for best astrological results? Pitambari Neelam gemstone is a natural bi-color sapphire in which the proportion of blue and yellow varies in every stone.

According to our learned astrologers, individuals who belong to Saturn sign are often recommended to wear a Pitambari Neelam in highly saturated deep blue hue with yellow tints called Neelambari whereas natives under Jupiter influence can derive best results from Pitambari in rich yellow hue with bluish tints.

In certain cases, color ratio is also suggested which is extremely rare and expensive. So, there is no common suggestion when it comes to choosing an ideal color proportion in Pitambari Neelam. It is always better to get a gem recommendation before wearing this powerful gemstone. I purchased a Pitambari Neelam which is certified as Blue Sapphire with yellow tints. Is it real? As per the certificate, the stone you have purchased is indeed a genuine Pitambari Neelam. The gem laboratories certify this unique yellow-blue colored sapphire variety as bicolor sapphire, mostly as yellow sapphire with blue tints or blue sapphire with yellow tints depending upon the ratio of colors.

Astrology Pitambari Neelam

In gemological terminology, there is nothing called Pitambari Neelam. Pitambari Neelam or Nila Pukhraj is basically the traditional name given to this rare and exclusive variety of Sapphire that exists in yellow and blue color. Which is the ideal wearing process for Pitambari Neelam?